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Car Rental Reservation in Marrakech

Rent-a-car Marrakech, Marrakech Morocco

If you are interested in Rent-a-car Marrakech, Fox Cars offers excellent services and car pick up while renting a car in Marrakech. Car rental in Marrakech is easy and all the rental procedures are the same as in other cities such as Agadir, Ouarzazate, Erfoud and Zagora. Your vehicle rental reservation box is on the bottom of this page.

Most roads out and into Marrakech are of excellent quality and represent no major concern in terms of driving. Marrakech is located on the bottom of the Atlas Mountains and offers a great travel destinations where you can appreciate ancient palaces, endless markets, museums and monuments.

Marrakech Souk Markets Morocco

Available cars and 4X4 to be delivered in Marrakech: Logan Dacia 1.4 – A/C; Logan Dacia 1.4 – no A/C; Hyundai i10 – A/C; Hyundai i10 – no A/C; Toyota Land Cruiser 100 – A/C; Mitsubishi Pajero – A/C. If by any reason we can’t deliver the above vehicles, another same type of quality vehicle will be supplied.

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Map of Marrakech, Rent-a-car in Marrakech

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Road distances from Marrakech, Morocco

  • Marrakech to Ouarzazate = 206 km
  • Marrakech to Casablanca = 240 km
  • Marrakech to Agadir = 260 km
  • Marrakech to Zagora = 365 km
  • Marrakech to Fez = 485 km
  • Marrakech to Erfoud = 510 km
  • Marrakech to Merzouga = 560 km

Weather in Marrakech, Morocco