Most beautiful roads in Morocco

Morocco is definitely an amazing travel destination. Driving Moroccan roads is an unforgeable experience and you will love to roam the country on your own. Most beautiful roads in Morocco are usually located in the south – in the Sahara Desert region, where you have vast and immense landscapes; also driving the Atlas Mountains is […]

About driving in Morocco

Driving in Morocco is not much different than other countries, with the exception of some Moroccan drivers being a bit too crazy. You just need to open your eyes and take in consideration some people might do something weird on the road, and you’ll be fine. No big deal really. Moroccan roads are in excellent […]

Questions & Answers

What kind of Driver’s License do I need in order to drive in Morocco? The Driver License necessary to rent a car in Morocco can be any official driver’s license from your country of residence, along with your passport. All countries driver’s license are suitable to drive in Moroccan roads, including all European and American […]